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prOCESSES and Optimizing bEnEFit


SECuring tranSaCtiOnS

SuppOrting ECOnOmiC and SOCial dEvElOpmEnt

imprOving quality OF liFE

For 50 years, Edenred s portfolio of solutions has steadily evolved, becoming more diversified and digital in response to shifting economic, social and technological trends. Throughout, they are designed to enhance the quality of life of individuals and improve the efficiency of organizations. To sustainably embed innovation in its corporate DNA, Edenred is launching pilot projects, encouraging collaborative working practices and cross-fertilization, and supporting new stakeholders gravitating around its ecosystem. By digitizing our solutions, we are inventing a new generation of programs and services that deliver greater performance and support new usage patterns.

cReaTIng opportunitiEs


Since 2004, as a leading partner in the management of human resources, Edenred has

commissioned opinion research firm ipsos to conduct an annual survey of European employees. to date, 74,000 employees have been surveyed in

a commitment to understanding their expectations and identifying emerging social

trends, so as to deliver new solutions that improve their quality of life.

ThE EmERgENcE Of A VAST mIddLE cLASS in the emerging world, led in part by the growth of the service sector, which is creating new needs.

ThE dIgITIzATION of daily life at work, at play and on the road, which is creating new digital habits and spurring the emergence of key interpersonal relationships.

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