MeeTIng The challenges of a changing


ThE EmERgENcE Of A VAST mIddLE cLASS in the emerging world, led in part by the growth of the service sector, which is creating new needs.

ThE dIgITIzATION of daily life at work, at play and on the road, which is creating new digital habits and spurring the emergence of key interpersonal relationships.

ThE SIzE Of ThE INfORmAL EcONOmy ANd PUBLIc SPENdINg at a time of tight budgets, which makes it critically important to optimize the processes and traceability of social benefits to ensure that the funds are used as intended.

ThE ASPIRATION fOR gREATER wORk-LIfE BALANcE, in particular among younger employees, which is prompting companies to deploy attractive, cost-effective policies.

ThE URBANIzATION of modern societies, along with the growing percentage of working women in the developed world and, increasingly, in the emerging economies. These trends are impacting lifestyles and creating new needs, such as eating lunch outside the home.

ThE cONSTANT mOBILITy Of PEOPLE, driven by modern transportation systems and work practices, which is leading companies to optimize their expense management process.

Societies are changing quickly, each in their own way. Foreseeing, decoding and understanding these demographic, social, legislative and technological changes has

been Edenred s core business for the past 50 years. Our mission is to deliver simple, efficient, innovative, purpose-designed solutions to address the new challenges.