Combining the experience of 50 years of history and the vitality of a start-up created in 2010, Edenred is pursuing its transformation to become a preferred partner.

OUR VISION Drive sustainable strong growth by setting the standard for all of our stakeholders.

OUR mISSION To imagine and develop solutions that improve the efficiency of companies and public authorities and increase the purchasing power of their employees and constituents. Our solutions cover every aspect of daily life, at home, on the road or at work, including food, quality of life, vehicle fleet management, business travel, incentive and rewards, as well as public social programs.

Edenred, Inventor of the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher

and the world leader in prepaid corporate services, designs and delivers solutions that improve the efficiency of organizations and enhance

the purchasing power of individuals.

OUR BUSINESS To design and deliver solutions to our corporate and public clients that enable them to offer beneficiaries purpose-directed purchasing power. This additional spending power may then be used to purchase goods or services designated by the company or public authority from a select network of affiliated merchants and service providers.

OUR EXPERTISE To guarantee that the funds allocated by our corporate and public clients are effectively used as intended. This traceability supports the efficient application of the social policies implemented by public authorities and governments.

OUR VALUES Entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, performance, simplicity and sharing.

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