EdEnrEd s Vision


a sTRaTegy Of sTROng, sUsTaInaBle gROwTh

since its launch in 2010, Edenred has deployed a three-phase strategy.

In response to a changing environment, Edenred is responsively evolving to keep pace. By becoming a digital enterprise, we are enhancing our portfolio of solutions for companies, with the emergence of additional integrated services and the growing number of online platforms, and for affiliates and beneficiaries, with whom we are widening our relationship.

From a company that manages transactions, we are gradually becoming a company focused on the information collected during these transactions and on the ability to deliver its value in the form of pro- grams and services.

> Exploit growth potential in existing Benefit markets.

> Set up new options for growth in our existing businesses.

> Open new territories of growth to prepare the future.


wIn 2010

to give us the resources to thrive as a standalone



cOnqUeR 2012

to cultivate our known territories by systematically demonstrating our expertise while transitioning solutions

to electronic media


invEnt 2016

by expanding into new growth territories

24 Edenred Inside . 2013-2014