is designed to promote healthy eating by improving the eating habits of beneficiaries and facilitating access to a balanced diet at affordable prices for everyone.

2013 key data

A mISSION ThAT NATURALLy ENgAgES EdENREd launched in 2012, our Ideal social responsibility process acts as a driver of growth, performance and employee engagement. Today, in recognition of this powerful commitment, Edenred is included in the world s two most widely acclaimed socially responsible investing (srI) indices.

a cOMMITMenT deMOnsTRaTed In ThRee aReas An integral part of our corporate strategy, the Ideal process is being deployed in three key areas: healthy eating, the environment and community outreach.

14 countriEs

involved in a program to promote healthy eating

4.67 Million

beneficiaries, 237,409 affiliates and 3,572 employees reached around

the world

a sOcIal rEsponsibility coMMitMEnt

22 Edenred Inside . 2013-2014