Jacques Stern, chairman and chief Executive Officer

Gilles Coccoli, Chief Operating Officer, Brazil

Laurent Delmas, Chief Operating Officer, France

Arnaud Erulin, Chief Operating Officer, central Europe and scandinavia

Diego Frutos, Chief Operating Officer, Hispanic latin America and North America

Graziella Gavezotti, Chief Operating Officer, southern Europe

Laurent Pellet, Chief Operating Officer, Asia-Pacific

Bernard Rongvaux, Chief Operating Officer, Northern Europe, middle East, Africa

Philippe Dufour, Executive Vice president, Alternative Investments

Antoine Dumurgier, Executive Vice-president, strategy & Development

Loïc Jenouvrier, Chief Financial Officer in charge of legal Affairs

Philippe Relland-Bernard, Executive Vice president, legal Affairs, Tax and Insurance

Jeanne Renard, Executive Vice president, Human resources and corporate social responsibility

Konstantinos Voyiatzis, Executive Vice president, Technology and strategic Information systems

a gOOd Place TO wORK At Edenred, quality of worklife and employee well-being are a constant focus, as illustrated by our commitment to having all of our subsidiaries involved in a Best place to work initiative by 2016.

As part of this process, independent organizations measure the well-being of our employees at work, based on a variety of parameters, including degree of empowerment, quality of management, work-life balance, and information about corporate strategy and how it impacts their job practices.

In 2013, neaRly

70 % Of eMPlOyees weRe wORKIng In an envIROnMenT InvOlved

In a BesT Place TO wORK InITIaTIve

52 % 63 % 70 % 100 %*

2012 2013 2014 2016

thE targEt Is TO have eveRy sUBsIdIaRy

ceRTIfIed By 2016.

* percentage of employees working in an environment involved in a best place to Work initiative

ThE mANAgEmENT TEAm The execUTIve cOMMITTee Is cOMPOsed Of

14 MeMBeRs, RePResenTIng The OPeRaTIOnal and cORPORaTe fUncTIOns.

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21 Edenred Inside . 2013-2014

20 Edenred Inside . 2013-2014