The agIlITy Of a sTaRT-UP Edenred s success story has been driven by the combination of a virtuous business model and a very powerful corporate culture. Edenred combines the experience of its 50 years in business with the agility of a start-up, with a corresponding emphasis on expertise, creativity, responsiveness and open-mindedness.

This strength is primarily derived from our 6,000 employees, our innovation dynamic and our ability to deliver personalized solutions and new services resonant with emerging social and economic trends.

The engageMenT Of lOcal exPeRTs Entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, performance, simplicity and sharing are the values that guide Edenred employees in everything they do. Our employees are the fountains of our creativity and performance, leveraging their passion for corporate services and close attention to the latest economic, social and technological trends. Our customer Inside managerial process is designed to continuously improve the satisfaction of all our stakeholders by placing their needs at the center of every decision.

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