launched in Brazil in 1990 and marketed across latin America, Ticket car® enables company employees to purchase fuel while on business trips. The solution has been extended to maintenance and service costs, thereby becoming a full-fledged fleet management application.

Ticket compliments® and Ticket Kadéos® comprise of a comprehensive range of gift vouchers and cards designed for companies which are accepted in an extensive network of affiliated chains.

Intended for disadvantaged students in chile, the Junaeb program helps to deliver government meal subsidies and ensure that they are used as intended.

Ticket service® is a simple solution to enable those in need to purchase basic goods.

In Brazil, the repom solution is used by independent truckers to pay for their fuel, meals and other business expenses whilst on the road, as well as to receive payment for goods delivery.

Accentiv mimética® provides corporate relationship marketing services. Edenred offers companies end-to-end support for their incentive or loyalty strategies, from consulting and relationship data analysis to rewards program management.

Developed in Italy, the Expendiasmart® solution is dedicated to employee business travel costs, enabling companies to manage the entire expense cycle. It is marketed under the Ticket Travel pro® brand in France and spendeo® brand in poland.

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