created in the united Kingdom, childcare Vouchers® enables employers to help their employees with their childcare costs. marketed in the united states,

commuter check® enables private-sector companies to pay for part of their employees daily commuting costs.

launched in Brazil in 2013 and based on the Ticket restaurant® and Ticket Alimentación® model, Ticket cultura® encourages Brazilian employees to purchase cultural products like books and tickets to shows and movies.

An online platform launched in the united states in 2012, Nutrisavings™ is designed to provide employees with more information about the nutritional quality of their purchases, while encouraging them to eat a more balanced diet through a rewards system. The solution also aims to help us companies to reduce their healthcare costs.

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marketed in emerging economies, Ticket Alimentación® benefits an employee s family by enabling them to purchase groceries in supermarkets or convenience stores.

Ticket clean way® makes workwear upkeep easier. The company issues the employee a smartcard-based cleaning allowance that can be used in a network of affiliated dry cleaners.

In 2012, Edenred launched the Ticket plus® card in germany, a new benefit that enables employees to purchase staple goods like food and car fuel.

Edenred s first solution, introduced in 1962 in France and increasingly deployed in digital formats (cards and mobile phones), Ticket restaurant® enables employees to buy lunch outside their workplace, in an affiliated restaurant or other foodservice outlet of their choice.

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