The expense management family of solutions is divided into three market segments: Corporate vehicle fleet

expense with Ticket car®, Edenred enables companies to reduce their fuel, maintenance and other fleet costs, simplify expense management and benefit from new services like onboard assistance;

a POweRfUl BUsIness PeRfORMance dRIveR Edenred designs and markets simple solutions for companies that want to manage employee business expenses more efficiently, transparently and cost effectively. For employees, our solutions offer a convenient, secure way to avoid paying business expenses themselves and then claiming reimbursement. Our programs and services include payment cards for employees and fully-featured online management platforms configurable for each type of use.

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at december 31, 2013

Business travel expense with Expendiasmart® in Italy, Ticket corporate® in spain, Ticket Travel pro® in France and spendeo® in poland, Edenred makes it easy to manage and control employee travel expenses, including airfare, train fare, lodging and meals;

Expense management solutions for specific markets In 2013, Edenred acquired repom, which manages independent truckers business expenses in Brazil. In France, the group also offers the Ticket clean way® solution to pay for workwear cleaning.

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